How are you using the QBank?

How are you doing the QBank questions? Are you creating your own exams? Or are you just going by LoS and doing the Reading Quizzes and Session Practice Exams? I’m almost done with my Schweser Notes (a couple of chapters to go), and was planning on doing the QBank questions. Thanks!

i create my own exams, 60-120 questions, all difficulty levels (for now), all sections. do not show answers until end, do not grade until end.

I try to take a 60 question test everyday on a specific study session. So far this has been a big confidence booster because I’ve gotten a higher % than I thought I deserved every single time (probably because there are only 3 answer chocies). They might say that it isn’t a big advantage having 3 choices instead of 4, but I’ve gotten 10-20% higher than I expected on every single test I’ve taken… I’m either really good at guessing, really lucky, or 3 answer choice tests are a lot easier than 4 choice tests (the obvious option).

I have been doing Qbank after I read each session (on SS 17 right now). I usually do about 60 on beginner, then 30-60 on all levels, and then about 30 or so on only advanced. I also have it set up so that I can see the answers right after I take the question so that I can review right after. Having followed that strategy from the beginning has allowed me to take about 2000 questions already on various difficulty levels. I also do the Schweser EOC questions after each reading. My plan for the last month is to take the first exam slowly while looking back at my notes and basically relearning the old sessions. After that, I plan to take the next 5 practice exams as actual timed exams and then go through each question. I imagine some time in there I will take CFA mock exam as well. I also plan on rereading ethics and reading Secret Sauce a couple of times. I don’t expect May to be much fun…