How awkward is it when you serve notice

I served a two weeks notice in my current company and feeling awkward whenever I bumped into my boss.

Should have served notice as you headed out for 2 weeks paid vacation

Whenever I see someone quit around here, they are usually super casual around the office. Like implicitly saying “hohoho, I don’t give a shit any more”. It probably varies by person though.

Now, when someone gets laid off, but sticks around for a couple of weeks to transfer work… that’s sort of awkward.

I have a very good relation with my boss and I’m leaving right before she is going on vacation for 3 weeks out of country. She is talking about canceling her vacation because of me and that makes me feel bad about the whole situation.

In my office, if you quit, they company doesn’t even want you around for 2 more weeks. blackberries are instantly nuked minutes after you hand in your resignation. Way too risky giving that person any access to anything. I’m surprised your companies are not like this.

Iteracom, that doesn’t make much sense. If someone wants to hold on some information, they would do it before quitting.

my company is the same way…turn in notice and you’re out the door immediately and two weeks paid

That sounds a bit weird. If you resign on good or neutral terms, I would think that they would want you to stick around for a bit to transition the work. If they fire you, or you have other reason to be disgruntled, then it would make sense to throw you out immediately. Like smuggy said, you can always steal information before resigning.

Iteracom, it sounds like your shop is more backstabbing than most.

In my experience, most large and small companies have been this way, if you’re going to a competitor. It’s not an issue of “YOU TURNED YOUR BACK ON US AND NOW WE HATE YOU”, and I’ve never seen it done with malice, but it’s just sound policy. You’re going to work for a competitor in a similar role? A-OK with us, but unfortunately we can’t have you sticking around here with access to our information, databases, and systems. Lotsa luck.

If you’re leaving for a job transition to a different part of the industry, a different industry entirely, or have decided to get a higher degree, then I think this is probably less common.

I’m too excited about my next job to notice any awkwardness

Today is much better. Yesterday my boss went into shock on hearing the news that I could see her hair straight.

Some do this, some do not. BNY Mellon kicks you out even if you’re in ops I’ve heard (that’s wierd), Citi doesn’t usually, UBS does, go figure. Usually if you have a book of business then they don’t want you sticking around to talk to clients while they’re paying the phone bill./sarcasm

Good to see people agree with me. If I was the firm, I would want the quitting employee OUT immediately. Client lists, models, proprietary information, sensitive documents,

Yea, maybe they copied those files in advance and took them home (CFAI violation), but I would have to be stupid to let them have 2 more weeks with unlimited access to all that information.

The only way I would let them sit around is if their job didn’t have access to anything valuable. say they work in operations etc… then I wouldn’t care