How behind am I..and when to use the Kaplan Schweser Qbank

So far I’ve covered Books 1, 3 and 4 (Quant, Financial Reporting and Corporate Finance). Right now I’m 1/3 through Book 5 on Fixed Income. I looked through ethics when I first started studying but I’m extremely rusty with it, and I have yet to touch Book 2 (on Economics).

I am currently studying full time, and I have no prior experience in finance/economics. How behind am I and how much do I have to up my game?

Also when should I attempt the Schweser Question Bank? Should I do it after every chapter? Or should I do it together with the practice exams during the month of revision? My concern is if I do the Qbank questions now, it will be harder to keep track of what I still have to study and might not have enough time to study everything. I keep falling behind schedule already because everything seems to take me longer to understand/remember than the time I’ve allocated for myself!


You’re in range, but no time to waste, so keep pushing.

My advice is power through your readings, ASAP and start working on the Question Bank. Took me 1 month of studying to pass. 2 weeks reading and 2 weeks doing the question bank. It helped a lot for me doing the questions. I might be different from you though since I have a finance bachelor and it’s more like review for me. Also don’t worry about knowing everytihng. Since it’s impossible to know everything and perfect the exam. However, do try to memorize most of the list and steps, since I felt like level 1 was all memorization. As long as you learn how to use your financial calcalator most of the calculations are a joke.

Thanks guys for your advice, I feel more sure about what to do and less depressed…haha

Since you have no prior experience in eco therefore I’d suggest you start it ASAP. I believe it is much harder now compared to year in which i give L1. You may leave Qbank for now but make sure you do EOC questions after every reading from now on. It is only the practice that can help you retain for a longer period!