How best to practice for the morning session?

Hi Guys, So I’ve been practicing EOC and the Qbank (advanced questions only) for the last month or so, both have been very helpful in getting a handle on the breadth of the material and my Qbank scores average out to about 70% which I’m going to try to continue to improve. I was wondering what you guys would recommend as a practice strategy to specifically prepare for the morning part of the exam? Of course EOC/Qbank will help with that, but I’m not sure how to really focus on the specific form of the morning session…there are only so many practice exams that I have, and once I go through them once that’s pretty much it as far as their value for practicing for the morning session. How are you guys going about it? Thanks!

Doing as many practise exams as possible. I am using the cfai exams to practise the more theortical/subjective areas while using schweser/finquiz etc. more for the less subjective areas.

Always time urself on per question. Time is very critical for morning papers…!!! I have heard alot of people lose marks coz they havent completed their paper…

can someone confirm … how many cfai exams/sample are avialable?

on cfai website you can get essay from 2007 till 1012.

for 2007 2008 and 2009 just change the url.

or do a search for “essay” on their website and it will show up. did it this morning.

Two great old threads about this:

When I was preparing for 2012, I took 5 old AM exams – 2007 to 2011. I found all of them highly valuable.

One thing I realized is that there’s a big difference between knowing the material and understaning how to answer the questions. You only develop that skill by doing these exams (and you definitely cannot get it with 3rd party providers).

If you can get 5, do them all, but do them after you’re done with the Schweser AM tests. After you have done a few CFA exams, go back and look for patterns, particularly in the IPS questions and answers. Some of these questions are really easy and some are very subtle. There’s a lot to be gained by havng a complete grasp of the exam structure.

Review the CFAI answers to the past exams as hard as anything. The scores are quite low, even for the passers, on the actual morning test. Get a very good grip on how CFAI approaches the answers to the questions.

goes to eleven, what do you mean by;

The scores are quite low, even for the passers, on the actual morning test.


The scores on the a.m. portion of the exam are low as you can see by the people who posted their scores here last August 7. For instance, I got 6 of the 9 sections equal to or less than 50%. Nothing to be proud of, but I saved my bacon in the afternoon. A lot of passing candidates also did poorly in the morning.

My point is that I believe the answer is quite specific. Be careful of the people who say, “You will get full points for that answer.” Judging by the scores last year, it does not appear a lot of “full points” were awarded.

If I had to do it again, I would really study the CFAI answers. They give them to you for the last 3 years. Use them. A lot.

Tks…That’s really helpful.