How can I be a "pro" in a particular market segment ??

I need some suggestions from all you pros out there. I want to break into equity research eventually ( I know now is not a good time). To achieve my goal, I have decided to master one segment of the industry , technology companies. Now my question is, how do I go about mastering it. What are all the skills I would need and how should I do it. I know people have done this in the past and I wanted your perspective on how I should go about doing it? I have completed my level 1 and will be writing level 2 in June. My background is in software development. Any suggestions ??

Gather as much info as you can about the sector. Read 10K and all the filings companies do with SEC. Start writing reports on what you think about the company. Analyze the fundamental and technical factors of the company. Provide recommendations and reason why do you think company is buy/sell.