?How can I get a Finance job in Spain

I am fresh off the boat of undergrad. and I want to get into global wealth management. I really want to go to Spain and work at a bank… How can I make this dream more realistic? I speak fluent spainish and I am very green under the collar as to all things finance. Any guidance would be appreciated.

save up around 8-12 k… prepare list of every possible place you can work at in spain hop a flight to where you would like to live start applying 10 grand should give you a solid 3-5 months of living expenses…

Ok. Did you go to spain?

Hi, additional information are: you either go to Madrid or Barcelona I assume… then watch out because the rent is very likely to be way more expensive than you could have guessed (especially in BCN where life is so expensive). Other useful info is that wages in Spain suck big times! Be aware that they might offer you something in the range of 20-30K EUR only… that s not much, especially for a guy working in finance! Apart from these two caveats, living in Spain is great, if only they could pay decent salary I certainly would have stayed there longer :slight_smile: Also you may have a competitive edge compared to local graduates since -no offense- they are poorly prepared according to companies and friends I know… Anyway, good luck with your search, and enjoy life when u get there

I’m really nervous. I am doing a lot of homework now. I just wish I knew someone who has already done just that what I plan to do. I think the hardest thing is fining an internship or better a job over there! I will first be looking at Barclays, Citibank…the biggest banks in Span. I think I have a better shot that any boutique. I hope these are not a blind assumptions or bad career step. Also, should I get in contact with a headhunter, I don’t know where else to turn, but by simply using the infamous GOOGLE to search. Signed, Sincerely Lost.

From what I know of the spanish culture and the local job market, headhunters dont exist as such (more interim stuf). If you want to let me know more about your situation (like where you would be relocating from, kind of positions you intend to search for etc) I ll give you some more info through the mail. Mine is bouh22@hotmail.com feel free to use it

Don’t they have work visa requirements in Spain? I’m sure the person who posted has gone through this, but I’m just curious. From what you’re all saying it sounds like it’s not very difficult, but I figured it’s something to consider…

It all depends on citizenship you are right! My homecountry is a member of the EU so there was no problem for me to go and work there. If Syriana is from the US it is one more challenge to consider - and for which I dont have a clue, sorry-.

Just a little about me: I have family in Barcelona, so they also working with me on that. I have citizenship here in US, and will be getting dual citizenship in colombia (where my family is from). I’m looking for a job that would lead me to a career path in wealth management. How will I get there, I don’t exactly know. Plan A: Get a finance related intern/job (make contact & build relationships) Plan B: Teach english as I am looking for what I mentioned in plan A. Still working out the rough edges, but I am starting to do what goldenboy mentioned above. Thanks all you guys for the support!

the fact that you have dual citizenship (us & colombian) does not mean anything in Spain or any other country in Europe. you will need a work authorization from la Comunitat Europea. as for working in Spain, you can surf through banco santander’s website http://www.gruposantander.es. it is the largest bank in Spain. good luck

what would you like to do in wealth management? like 1-10 million clients or like my frim 300 million - 20 b…

Goldenboy, can you tell me a little about your career path. I’m interested to know what you do & where & how you know about Spain. As for myself, I need to start somewhere…I just don’t know exactly where when in Spain. My goal is to do exactly that: as a Sr. Wealth Manager. Can you spare me your 2 cents?

any time. shoot me an email at eugene.rubio@gmail.com

I dont know anything about spain… take “spain” out and add any country and I would give the same advice