How can I make myself sleep early tomorrow night??

workout for 3 hours or drink half bottle of wine? or both??

Read the Code & Standards. That will do the trick in 5 minutes.

wake up at 4am. Do a quick run of chemistry with CFAI books. Endure till 9pm. I am sure you’ll be knocked out by then…

Have you ever been drop-kicked in the head? That tends to do wonders, although not sure how that would affect d-day.

just don’t sleep that much tonight . . . that is my plan if you go to sleep now and sleep for 10 hours , you’re f’ed

Ya, this is a problem for me. I cannot sleep before 2 am. I do my best work at night. My plan is to stay up late as hell tonight. Get up reasonably early. Take a lot of Benedryl tomorrow around 6 pm. By 8:30, the rest is history!

ok raw & philip, I was just about to hit the sac, but your right. Go big or go home. Back to FRA!!!

too bad I don’t have a g.f at this moment…

Haha, I know what you mean cfacowtown. I am ready to pack it in, but I have been going so long, I might as well keep going. The thing I do not want is to fail, and look back and think well you could have been studying here, here, and here. Go big or go home is the right attitude!

My plan is to be drunk as f*ck by about… now actually. Then force myself up before 8:00 tomorrow. Deal with the practicalities of the test (ear plugs, pencils, calculator BATTERIES, etc.) and spend the rest of the day frolicking. I’m sure I’ll be tired at the right time.

I am too tired to study tonight :-/