How can I move forward?

Hi All

I am a management accountant at University in Australia. I did accounting and finance for my bachelor degree. To survive I started from a accounting job. Now, I realize I am not that fund of accounting job. I have done CFA level 2 exam. I am thinking of taking Level 3 exam to help me to leave university and get a real finance job like in Bank, investment company or any commercial area. Does university experience help me for finance job?

Thanks at advance.


This Course I took offered by a University in Sydney helped me so much :

Carry a huge bowie knife in your pants during interviews. When the interviewer notices the huge bulge, pull the knife out, wave it threateningly, and say, “you call that a knife? This is a knife”.

tanks. very highly review and recommend for job.

Bro, first step is meditate. Then practice Far East gentle art of no fap. Testosterone up, self doubts down. Then cleansing ritual of Oxy Powder, preferably performed in sink at Javits Center. Go 3/1 on CFA. Apply to top 1.5 MBA, you’re sure to get in!! Then, start killing it, make the rain, then begin to examine large payments hitting account like giant lifetime annuity. Is easy, no?


Sir, Do you have any recommendations of your own ?


I recommendating using the link you kindly provided. Tanks.

I cannot see the link sir can you copy paste it one more time please ? The other link above works fine though sir.