How can I push my score over the edge

I know I am likely way below the scores I should be getting at this stage… I had a late start when it came to reviewing due to personal family issues, but I’m doing what I can now to try and pass this thing. I have the whole week off work, and just took my final mock exam and got a 66%. I just jumped right into mocks about 2 weeks ago, and 66 has been my best score to date.

I know I will likely not pass in 6 days with a performance like this, so I am wondering what the best approach would be to up my score the remaining 5-6% I need so that I can at least have a chance of passing. My matrix broke down like so on the final mock:

Ethics: 72% (Plan on reading from the curriculum each night)

Quants: 78%

Econ: 60%

FRA: 60%

Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management and Equity: 58%

Fixed income: 62%

Derivatives: 50%

Alternative Investments: 70%.

I am debating between redoing all the mock exams as “question sets” ie. 10-15 questions at a time and trying to explain them all to myself as I go, or topic tests for the weakest areas that have highest weights (FRA, Equity), or reading secret sauce.

Any help is greatly appreciated… Good luck everyone!


Don’t be overly worried about the outcome of the exam; instead focus your energy in doing the very best that you can in terms of preparing over the next few days and being reasonably calm and collected on exam day.

Your strategy seems sounds.

Given that you have attempted the mock exams, it is now important to understand how to score those points that you missed and build on you knowledge base.

So for instance, you could review the solutions to the “Equity” sections on your mock exams, fully understand them and then attempt the online CFA Institute topic area test on Equity to gauge your performance. Whatever the outcome of this topic area test you will benefit - if you still score a bit low, you can learn from those mistakes and grow your understanding; if you score well, it gives you some confidence and you can move your focus to another section.

All the best !


Im in the same situation. getting between 65 and 70 in the schweser mocks but never over 70. im consoling myself with the fact that rumour has it that the Schwezer mocks are more diffuclt than the CFA exam although i suspect that isn’t true…

with 4 days to go i plan to go through the mocks again to time and then reference the text for all the areas i’m weak in. im not suggesting this is the best course of action as im new to the CFA but it seems logical at this point

good luck to you