How Can You Not Be Long GOOG?


Greatest Company Ever.

Long GOOG at 575/s

Your idea for a company is Google?

You stop going long when someone on a forum posts How Can You Not Be Long. That’s a good indication the top is near.

@Former - Google’s earnings are going up and up and up… Google consumer surveys is going to save the news industry and simultaneously give google a cut of every newspaper’s revenue… and google is slowly going to eclipse Microsoft office… peep how you can use google sheets with live google finance data…Google TV is going to emerge the front runner-- eating netflix as whole… and Google truview ads will be the ad of choice for small businesses, now and into our Google TV futures…

only possible competitor is facebook, and they arent even a competitor at this point. My advice to FB: run one regional/national commercial a day, that users are forced to watch (again, once a day/login) and charge that superbowl ad money. Then do your little crap ads on the sidebar that nobody looks at. HMU later when it works. I’ll probably still be here.

@rawraw, lol stop asking me that. You’ll know soon enough.

MoMoneydamus out

game changer

Agreed here - i love this company in a passionate, yet respectful way.

My only issue (or to put it better, GOOG’s issue) is that of the disruptor’s dilemma. I see a lot of their access infrastructure plays (i include Android, NEST/smart grid as well as Fibre, hot air baloons, operator collaborations to provide Google on mobile phones for free etc in this access infrastructure bucket) as a direct result of their greatest fear - being disrupted.

Serving content to people, gathering data from people and making revenue from ad spend requires both an online presence that people love and the supporting access infrastructure to ensure that people can get their eyes on the content. GOOG are the daddy of the internet and so while FB and others can challenge them on services/content, it’s a battle they can handle. However, when it comes to access infrastructure, they are still largely at the behest of fixed line and mobile communications providers in terms of delivery of the services (think net neutrality) and it is therefore their point of weakness/disruption.

This is their big challenge and also opportunity - just think how much additional data they could collect if they were also your ISP/mobile service provider/electrivity provider/ transport and logistics provider?

I still don’t know!

Wouldn’t work there for 50%+ salary.

I’m long SPY which has GOOG among 500 stocks.


I incidentally heard a podcast (on a major French news agency) about some Doctor guy who wrote a book called “the death of death” (sorry, the book is in French).

He claims that Google is on an ideological mission to use science to change mankind, through the use of biotech, nanotech (especially genomics) and artificial intelligence. He claims that Google currently employs (directly and indirectly, via aquired companies) one third of the worlds scientists in these fields.

Obviously the first thing I did was to quickly browse Google’s 10-K for info on that, I couldn’t find anything. LOL.

Either I can’t read or this Doctor guy is a major tin foil nut case.