How CFA validate your Finance experience?

Hi everyone,

I don’t know how the process is, someone here to explain me how they validate the years of experience?


Not sure if still applicable. But CFAI itself doesn’t, it really is the CFA local chapter that you are applying to be a member of “verify”, you need a sponsor (who is a current CFA charterholder) who is in your local chapter to sponsor you. Contact that person and send your resume as part of the application process.

how much is the current annual membership fee?

“need a sponsor” is that a correct statement? I never heard that before.

I think you meant to say you need 3 references, or 2 if one is a CFA Charterholder.

hello to everyone ,

a new member over here. i am currently working in a govt org which has nothing to do with finance, but before getting into this org i used to prepare for CFA . I had appreared for L1 in 2009 june but got a band 10. i didnt try for it again and looked for other options for getting a job but i miss the CFA preparations and wish to get back into finance. i am 31 and need your opinion whther to jump into the course or not.

Waiting for my work experience to be reviewed is almost as stressful as waiting for the exam results.

I got approved by the CFA Institute rather quickly. I’m waiting for the local society review.

Is there any situations where the CFAI approves, but the local does not?


i don’t think so, from what i’ve heard the society just rubber stamps.