How come there aren't many people on here posting about layoffs?

Is everyone employed here?

I got layed off last week. Since I’m not on the computer all day, I rarely post now. My days are spent at the gym and library prepping for Level 1 and B-School next fall. And trying to hustle jobs that do not exist.

I’m employed but good questions. I am thinking about b-school or a job switch though.

For those who got laid off, can you post your position and company?

Small asset manager not on the East Coast. I worked in trading operations (BO).

CMBS Analyst - no surprise there Got the slip about 2 months ago, same week that L3 results came out. I passed so at least there was some good news… Prospects are bleak right now in finance. Firms are locking down hiring. Unless you have exactly what a firm wants, they can afford to not hire you. If something doesn’t come along in the next month or so, I may have to resort to falling back on my engineering undergrad.