How confident you were last year for L2

If you guys can shed some light here: What were your Book 6 and 7 scores? How confident you were? I know PM was tough last year but you guys have still made it. What was your strategy? I passed L1 in December and taking L2 in two weeks.

STUDY YOUR a$$ OFF That was my strategy. Over then that, scores over 70 on Schweser tests got me through

Scores in the 80s and 90s on Stalla and scores in teh 70s and 80s on Book 7 schweser… did my fair share of studying.

bigwilly Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Scores in the 80s and 90s on Stalla and scores in > teh 70s and 80s on Book 7 schweser… did my fair > share of studying. SHOW OFF

^Who cares…it was all LII stuff.

^-- yeah, too easy for us L3 to care. L2 was a joke i mean come on, Identify the bias (1 point) and describe it (2 points)

overconfidence? too narrow a range?

^HAHA If only they were highly correlated with L3 :wink:

former trader Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > overconfidence? too narrow a range? hindsight bias. Overconfidence would be predicting my L3 pass with 99.99%

the max i scored on a schweser practice exam i believe was a 68 …

My Schweser exam scores were not good at all last year. I only did 1 exam out of book 7. I think I scored about a 50% and said screw it. That was about with 2 weeks left. My book 1 scores would have averaged very low 60’s. I was actually pretty freaked out because I think I only got over 65 once, so I thought I was doomed. I just buckled down the last two weeks and went over my noted again, and again and again till I was ready to puke. I wasn’t very confident going into the exam and that was my 2nd shot. But it worked out. So get to work, and you’ll be fine.

thank you guys!!!

I pulled mainly 60’s and even some high 50’s and a low 70 or two on Schweser exams and was confident. Not like crazy confident, but good enough. Just don’t waste all your time stressing about a Book 7 results or how to value or price a swap etc. Focus on the big picture…

Schweser was horrible - 47, 56, 54. Two weeks before the exam. CFAI scores were 56, 53, 60. Two days before the test. You can imagine my confidence and mood going into the exam room. Result (by some miracle): got >70% in 5 out of 8 sections and passed.

i was not at all confident of passing level 2 pre exam as i didn’t get to study a lot. (although post exam i thought i did well). now thinking about it, i guess that’s why i didn’t put much effort into level 3 this time - i was maybe a bit overconfident about my capabilities…sigh…