How dangerous is it to skip "intergration of financial statment techniques" and "evaluating quality of Financial Reports "

Hi guys ,

Just done with multinational organisation yesterday . was trying to do the chapter on evaluating quality of financial statments and it was sooooo dry and couldnt get anything . feels like all the intresting parts of FRA are over . plus i am running out of time now .

Still got Fixed income , quants , PM , ethics , Economics and certain readings from equity and derivatives which needs to be done … so was thinking of skipping these chapters and wanted to know if it is a wise choice

CFA text is terrible for FRA. Puts me to sleep everytime.

Who knows how dangerous it is. I’m sure you can find some summaries and just learn through doing the questions. At least go through the examples. ultimately up to you

I don’t know how dangerous is to skip those for examinations purpose but, IMO, for further financial analysis career it sounds like you asked how dangerous is not even learn to drive and apply to Paris- Dakar rally.

Those 2 chapters are also accounting forensic fundamentals (just insights to this area).

It’s dangerous only if questions on those topics appear on the June exam.

You pays your money and you takes your chances.

I would at minimum, definitely study Reading 22. It’s not particularly difficult but the section tests your knowledge of financial statement ratios and how to apply/interpret them in making investment decisions. Given the CFAIs love for financial statement ratios, it’s a good bet that there will be some questions on the exam pertianing to this reading.

At least do the EOCs and review the answers.