How did everyone do on the Aug2022 window?

seems like after this exam converted to CBT guinea pigs lab, the post that I look forward the most,

“how did everybody do?” seems to be gone…maybe it’s because it’s offered so many times a year.

I know there’s an AM session posting below, but I’ll post it again for the whole exam.

if s2000 deletes it because it is redundant…eh. it’s fine…

so…how did everyone do overall???

.so this is my 3rd time attempt…not expecting to pass.

…AM I was running out of time and literally left several questions blank…where as PM session, I finished with 30 minutes left…

Personally, I think the CBT exam questions were, horribly, horribly written - guess that’s why the CFA institute stop revealing their previous year exam (which they used to do when it was paper based)

not feeling too good right now…as I failed my 3rd attempt…level 2 was a lot more brutal…but still…man…I will see how many more times I can take this mental beating…

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Well, except for 2019 and 2020.

Which prep provider are you using? It makes a huge difference.
This was my third attempt as well. I flew through the level 1&2 within 6 months, scored high, passed. Took level 3 with Kaplan and MM. didn’t pass.
This time I worked with Deep 3. Totally different experience. He really helped clean up my AM issues. I feel good coming out of this exam. Had 17 minutes to spare on AM and an hour on PM. There were no moments of shock during the exam.
Hopefully you (and I) pass this round. But if you don’t, check out Deep 3.

Thanks for the answer.