How did other December 2007 L1 Passers do?

I failed and think that burnout could have been a factor. By the time May, 2008 rolled around, I felt like a sponge that couldn’t hold any more water. I needed like a week off to start refreshed, but didn’t have enough time. I suspect the pass rate was lower for Dec 2007 L 1 passers. Any thoughts?

I passed the L1 on Dec 2007 and I thought that 6 months is not enough for preparing for level 2. Susprisingly, my level 2 result is much better than level I. For level I, i got 4-5 topic over 70% and 1 topic below 50%, however, for level 2 i got only 1 topic below 70% and others above 70%. So i think taking L1 in December was not a disadvantage at all.

Yes, me too I passed. I had one 50-70 and others 70+ in December, and now it is everything above 70%. I had no sleep and spent most part of my annual leave for preparation, however I am not disappointed of course. I think it is possible to take 2 exams in 6 months, but it will require some extra commitment. It cost me a lot to make myself study in May.

I did LI Dec, and passed LII with a much wider margin than I did LI, however, I did do LI in 7 weeks. I felt I had adequate time, no extra time, but adequate. However, my study pace moves frantically, and I would agree with you, it is most likely a much lower pass rate as the tight schedule means that one disruption can derail the whole effort.

passed. i think i died a little on the inside in the process, but it feels worth it right now.

We really only had 4 months to study (Feb - May), but I felt that this was more than enough time to prepare for L2. It wasn’t easy, but for those who are able to crank up the intensity and ignore the inevitable exhaustion it can be done. I felt like I was pretty well prepared by the beginning of May, and it was during that last month that it was hardest for me to stay focused. Edit: For me, running and hitting the weights everyday was what helped keep the “burnout” at a manageable level.

Same feelings here. I passed L1 in Dec 2007 with pretty good marks and then just passed L2 with even better marks. I actually think it was an advantage to not have several months off to get lazy, but I did at times feel like I wanted an extra month to study. Oh well, I guess I really didn’t need that month but that feeling definitely helped to keep me disciplined about studying consistently and not wasting any time.

I passed Level I in Dec, and passed LII, however it was hard for me to get motivated to start studying for level II I started in early March, so had to cram a bit, but now I’m happy I did so

they say it takes 45 days to form a habit. Between test day of L1 and results day, we were just over that mark, so the habit was still kind of there.

I did level 1 in December and passed L2 in June. My study pace for level 1 was pretty leisurely (started early so I could still spend time with my family (I have a 5 year old) an I only stepped up the intensity for the last month. So I was not quite as burnt out after level 1. Obviously needed to step the pace up for level 2, but there was some “time-wasting” activities in there too (working out, reading fiction novels etc). But i think i would have gotten to burnt out if i did not have some kind of down time in there. BTW the scores were pretty similar (one section in the 51-70 range and otherrs over 70)

Appeared for L1 in Dec 2007 and agree with McLeod81 that 4 months of intense study was enough for preparing for level 2 but i do think that it depends upon education background and work experience too.

i agree with previous posters. it took me much longer to get back into this due to burnout. i didn’t really hit it until mid march sometime. but once i got there, i was really able to dedicate the remainging 3 months super effectively. still in study mode was the reason, i think…

passed L1 in Dec/07 and finished flipping through the schweser books some time in May/08. Then took 3 weeks off work right before the exam and crammed like there’s no tomorrow. barely passed L2 (68% 40/60/80)…honestly it was nothing short of a miracle.

i did L1 in dec and just passed my L2. i thought i was under pressure but i would rather it that way. i also felt some topics were fresh in my head so that was an advantage