How did your Dec 2017 score compare to mocks?

I took Level 1 way back in Dec 2015 when the exam score reports were different. For anyone who passed in Dec 2017, how did your percentile score on the actual exam chart compare with your percentiles on the practice problems or CFA mock? For example, if your actual score was close to the MPS, were your practice problems and mock near 54th percentile? If your actual exam performance was near 90th percentile, did you have a similar score on practice problems and mocks?

I am teaching a Level 1 course, and would like to provide guidance to my students. Thanks.

It’s kind of hard to tell what the exact score is from the chart they provide. If i try to eyeball it, looks like scored 93-94th percentile, so im guessing low 80s/high 70s. My CFAI mock exam average score based on 3 full mock exams was 78%, ranging from 73%-81% on a morning/afternoon session. Hope this helps

I got 78 am, 71pm, 69.75am, 74pm, 75am, 71pm for CFAI mocks 1-3 on the site (respectively) and a 72 overall on the schweser mock, which i was surprised with cause it felt much harder than the CFAI mocks. On the actual exam it looks like I got maybe 92nd or 93rd percentile overall, and over 90th percentile on everything but economics and alts. Real exam was significantly easier.

I did 16 mocks, the first 4 averaging about 70-72% while the last 6 averaged about 80% (schewezer and CFAI).

For the real exam, I got about 93-94%tile overall and > 90%tile on all categories except econ and port, which were >70%tile. My quant was about 99% on the actual exam and FRA was about 95%. Real exam was much much eaiser than all the mocks I did.

The current versions of CFA mocks and Practice Problems also show percentile vs others as well as score, right?

Less than a year after I finished Level 3, and sometimes My experience feels outdated.


Started off with 68, ended with 81 on final mock. Actual was barely above the 90 bar. Hope that helps

From what I saw, the CFAI shows a percentile overall (based on mocks + practice problems). I think it was highly unreliable. Each time I clicked on the refresh button, my percentile would swing wildly +/- 10%. I would click refresh and it would say 89%. Then I click refresh again and it would say 82%. Then again and it would say 93%. This is all in the matter of 5 seconds lol.

This is interesting because such a thing almost never happened to me, except for in the beginning when sample of problems I did was fairly small. Maybe it has to do with mocks because I have not managed to do any before the exam.