how difficult for someone not in the field?

Hello, I work in the software field. I do not have any experience in the finance field. Can you guys give me an idea how difficult it will be to pass the level I exam. I am planning to take the exam in Dec’08. Thanks

Fairly difficult.

has this question not been asked and answered many times before? And no, i think it is manageable

If you know nothing about finance (ie what a bond is) then yes it will be difficult but not impossible. The CFA Exam assumes a basic understanding of finance. But if you are determined it should not a barrier that would prevent you from passing.

Why do you want to move to finances? I have always been amazed by the number of IT people wanting to change to Finance…

It’s not a basic understanding. Level 1 is everything you covered in undergrad finance. Most of the material in Level 2 isn’t covered in undergrad. I would assume level 3 also.

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