How difficult (re: Insane) is FRM in 1 go?

Bad idea? Good idea? I am a full time worker. Would love to get it done in one shot but, perhaps two shots is the way to go. Thoughts, comments…etc…

I know an FRM who cleared both the parts in one go. He said formal coaching from an FRM cleared/Certified person definitely helps. You need to direct all your efforts in the right way.

I do not think I could afford that. Perhaps doing it one exam at a time would be the ideal.

Take one exam at a time. Just because both parts are avl. do not go overboard unless there is a pressing reason for the same.

I teach FRM at a leading training centre in Pune, India and also Jan 2016 onwards would be going live with a batch of 4-5( for both parts)

You may decide if you want to subscribe towards the same against a fee.

I respond to queries/ clarifications on mail as well for which I don’t charge.

Interested candidates may contact me at


Better to study from the FRM Books or the Schwesers?