How Do Accountant Skills/Experience Transfer to a New Career as a Financial Analyst?

As a current Financial Accountant with 3 years experience & FMVA Designation Holder, I am pursuing a career as a Financial Analyst Professional

  1. If I want to make a change from Accountant to Financial Analyst, how can I transfer my skills and experience?
  2. Could you please explain how I can highlight these transferable skills on my resume and cover letter?

Kindly share website information links/Templates if it will assist me

I’m the former Controller of one company and the ex-CFO of another. I also hold both the CPA and CFA designations. Both are rigorous, respected credentials.

Until just now, though, I’d never heard of the FMVA acronym. I’ve learned that it stands for ‘Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst.’ Perchance can you tell me (A) how many individuals hold that designation and (B) how it differs from the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation?

Thanks very much.