How do calculate infinite for APR

hi how do I calculate APR for infinite when my EAR is 25.4%. possible to tell me the steps as I’m using Texas ba2 plus professional.

ln(1 + 25.4%)

Do u know how to show this in the ba2 plus professional calculator.

Enter 1.254, then press the LN key (left column, 4th from the bottom). The answer is 0.226338, or 22.6338%.

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Thank you so much!

My pleasure.

Using ICONV on the BAII (I’m at Starbucks and my BAII is back at home)

EFF 25.4 C/Y 525,600 (or something else super high) CPT NOM something darned close to 22.63384422

No wonder you are at Starbucks !