how do I access the the part 2 CFAI mock ?

I bought both exams, now only the part 1 shows up!! how do I get to part two ? thank you!

“part two will be assigned as prepaid attempt via automated routine” WTF

i guess you need to take the first one for the second one to appear? wild guess

yeah ) i just took the first one,the other ones not on !! im freaking out because I wanted to simulate the exam day experience today !

alright so heres what they do : after you purchase the both exams, one is available right away and the other one is "assigned a bit later. so keep that in mind … time lag really blows if you are trying to do a complete mock exam (meaning write both mocks back to back thereby simulating the real exam) might wanna purchase the exams before hand in this case, not the same day :wink:

sooo, is mock part 2 up yet?

i actually had to email them and harass them into giving me the second mock non one assigns anything and the funny thing is I that couldn’t even choose the time to take it, the exam pretty much expired 3 hours after it is assigned . so make sure u ask for it only when you want it )