how do i build an mp3 collection on my (android) smartphone?

what app should I use to organize and play them?

I’ve never used a smartphone in my life for music because I’m usually at my desktop/laptop with iTunes.


Take your android phone, place it on the ground, and run over it with your car as you drive to buy an iPhone.

Palantir? Amiright6?

just record the songs on a tape and use your walkman, brah.


Your phone should already have an app to play music (Google Music, perhaps), so just connect the phone to the computer that has your mp3 files and copy them to your phone. The phone will likely do some file optimization, but that won’t affect the original mp3 files on your computer.

There are also apps for android that allow you to sync your itunes to the native music player app on your android phone. Android kicks anus.

Is that a front office or back office type job?