How do I get my Charter?

Ok, I should probably know this but I’m a bit confused about how I would get my charter. I just passed my Level III exam and filled out an application for regular membership with CFAI. Is there anything else I need to do?

Stated differently, if my regular membership gets approved, does that mean I will automatically get my CFA charter?

Upon the approval of your “Regular” CFAI membership and your membership at your local CFA society, CFAI will send you an e-mail saying that you are now allowed to use the “CFA” designation. I heard that these e-mails went out in early Sept. Then, in 6-8 weeks you will receive the actual CFA charter in the mail or you can have it presented to you at your local society gathering for new CFA charterholders.

What happens if I miss the September cutoff? Will I still get it within a reasonable amount of time?

Your exam results are voided and you take Level III again.

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So . . . what’s the real answer? It’s just confusing because in September they publish a big long list of all new charterholders. If I miss that deadline I’m assuming I’ll still get my charter . . . but will I be included in the following year or something?

is the application to regular institute and society the same?

all i did was choose the city i was applying to?

There is no cut-off, I believe its more of a rolling basis. What I meant was, the earliest that I heard CFAI said your authorized to use the “CFA” letters was in early Sept., contigent on the fact that your memberships have been approved.

Your best bet is contact CFAI directly and ask them instead of asking this question on a message forum.

CFAI knows that a lot of candidates wait for their results before applying for membership. As long as you have your work experience and have met the other requirements, you shouldn’t have any problems becoming recognized in 2012.

I think the September bit has to do with those folks who are already CFA members and now the only thing is for the Institute to flip the switch.

Ok cool thanks!

frankz888, yes there is only 1 application. They will forward your application to your local society for approval.

Anyone know what they require of the references? Is it a letter from them or just confirmation of your work experience? I want to contact mine before submitting their info on the membership application, and would like to give them some idea of what they will be asked for. Thanks everyone.