How do i make the Schweser QBANK exam weighted

I have been doing 120 questions and ive done about 2,000 questions but i have been doing the Quizzes equally weighted but i want to divide the questions on each quizz like the weights of the exam. I understand i have to press advanced quizz options and then i should get the options but i only get the difficulty options and if i want to repeat previously wrong and score as you go options. Can anyone help me out with this?

Crap, I just assumed they were exam weighted. Now that you mention it, the FRA section did always a little light.

Feeling of panic has just gone from 15% to 82%.

Just had a look at the QBank. You sure it’s not already correctly adjusted? It seems like the number of questions available for each topic is roughly proportianate to the weight on the exam (i.e. 498 econ questions out of a total QBank of 4180 total questions).

I’ve sent them the link to this post and asked them to reply. Will let you know if they respond.

ive had this same concern. FRA is always light when i take 120 question advanced quizzes, although it says “advanced axams should use max test length to ensure proper test creation.” i still find it hard to believe that im actually doing approximately 24 FRA questions. unfortunately, its not in me to count as i usually use those as timed tests. im curious to see how/if they respond…

One day i saw the option to get Exam Weighted quizzes but i cant see it anymore

the way i studied for lvl 1 is that i would go to the “browse questions” section per topic and go through EVERY question… then i would run 120 question exams until i answered every question per topic… its exahustive but in the end… i knew exactly what my weak areas were… even though i had seen the question and answer before… doing it in the “exam” made me find the solution and memorize the logic statements.

the option that i would like to have is to only include questions that require a calculation…

Here’s the reply from Schweser:

The QBank is designed for learning, repetition, and reinforcement. It will simply pull random questions for “drill and practice” when creating a “quiz”. You should use our Practice Exam volumes and/or our Mock Exam for test-taking practice with exam-like (weighted) questions. I hope that this answers your questions in regards to the QBank.

I agree with hamada.smaili, I have seen the option there in the past! Sneaky Schweser appear to have removed it. I was sold Qbank on the idea that you i could exam weight tests.

the level of the questions in the q bank is very weak… there are only a few “advanced” questions.

a random sample of 120 questions including all sessions will never match the cfa level