how do i position myself

Hi Guys, There are some changes at my shop and I am looking at options outside. I have not been in this firm for too long and I am kinf od being forced to look outside due to circumstances 1) How will changing jobs so soon look on my resume ? 2) how do i position myself in front of a potential employer ? I don’t want to disclose that I am looking because I am vulnerable in my current job. This will probably not give me too much leverage. But how do I tactfully answer the question of why I am looking to move on after such a short stay ?

You could say that your hiring manager has been replaced (even if they have not) and your original working remit has completely changed from your original expectations - you are seeking to address this with a clean break to focus on what you want to do / where you think your strengths lie. You will discover how changing jobs looks on your resume by the amount of interviews you get called to… Don’t forget you will only have to explain that in the future when you leave your next employer. i.e. don’t worry about it now, focus on getting out there if that is what you must do. I presume you can’t make lateral moves within the company - have you explored other options internally?

Just say your current position isn’t challenging enough or you don’t see potential for growth.

Mudda’s approach is not bad. Just say that the firm is great, but they changed things and now your job is not the same as what it was when they hired you.

Bent over, on your hands and feet. Say “Thank You Sir, may I have another.” I think it will be pretty obvious that someone went wrong there, so you should be pretty straight up about that and not try to look like your hiding it. Otherwise, if I were hiring you I would look for the problem and wonder why your not telling it to me straight up. That said, there are a multitude of ways you can present “the issue” and for that you want to choose your words very carefully. Don’t look flakey. State what you came to do and the circumstances that led to this no longer being available. You are still determined to do what you set out to do.

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