How do I put this on my CV?

Brothers and Sisters,

Have a few questions that I’m hoping you can help me with. I took the CFA L1 exam in June and I’m sure I failed, I logged about 180 hours of study and I am going to apply for the December exam as soon as I am able to (when results come out).

Now the time has come for me, CFA level 1 or not, to seek new employment.

  1. Before June, I had “CFA Level 1 Candidate” under education. Now I am no longer a candidate but will be again soon. Obviously I cannot write that I am even though I plan to… anyone have any ideas on how to word this without breaching CFAI Code of Ethics and without looking like a life n00b? I’m thinking best just to be honest and say that I took the exam and awaiting results, and leave it there.

  2. In an interview, do I need to mention the fact that I took the June exam? Or could I say that I’m currently studying for it and will be applying soon?


  1. You can’t

  2. You don’t

Technically, you are still a candidate until you receive your results.

Well, it’s upto you. You are not “required” to mention that you took the June exam. If I were you and I was not confident of passing the exam, then I would go with the latter option.

In my experience, employers associate failure with dumbness. Employers assume that you are not intelligent enough for their firm if you fail an exam. So second option will help you on both counts.

You can absolutely write " L1 candidate " while you wait for exam results. no problem at all.

The problem is: L1 candidate doesn’t mean you actually accomplished anything yet. It means you paid money, and sat for the test. No guarantees you did well until you get the results.

So, if you want to bring it up, you can… but dont expect it to do a lot for you