how do i report someone claiming to be a CFA level 1 ?

i have a personal grudge against this PE analyst that thinks he is the second coming of Aswath Damodaran.

his linkedin profile states “CFA level 1”.

-so yeah, im sure there is info on the CFAI website, but i want to know if i can send it anonymously and what is the process CFAI will take to make him remove or restate the comment… will he likely get an email? phone call?

Tread carefully.

We’re generally discouraged from using the CFA Institute’s Professional Conduct Program to settle personal disputes.

im more concerned about defending the integrity of the designation and the Standards of Practice.

This type of stuff pisses me off too. I’ve seen several times people on Linkedin adding “CFA Level 1” or “CFA Level 3” or “CFA Pending” to their titles. I don’t understand how someone can get through all 3 levels of the exam and still hold themselves out as “CFA Level 3”.

Everything is anonymous, you don’t have to worry about that part, and you won’t get dinged on it. For me, a violation is still a violation, regardless if you like the person or not. but as wendy says, technically you’re only supposed to report someone to protect the program integrity

im sending an email and ill eagerly await for him to change the statement… would be awesome to see the look on his face when he thinks…

“did some jerk really just rat me out…” wink

bring this guy back down to earth, for a second

yes, most likely is that he’ll get a phone call within a day or two at most to edit his profile. CFAI has a group for enforcement, and they act really fast.

do you think anyone has been getting away with using the full designation ??

ae. someone claiming to be a CFA Charterholder?? that would be an epic fail

Well, I’ve caught people claiming to be a level 3 candidate when they only passed level 1.

The thing is that most companies will pay your annual CFA dues for you. So, if you get hired and don’t actually have your charter it would probably be discovered in that year.

Also, if you’re a CFA Charterholder and hire another Charterholder, I believe you do have a duty to check the database to ensure that they are in there. Not 100% sure of this, but I remember someone else mentioning this.

Haven’t heard of that or seen it written anywhere.


Yea I’ve also never heard of this

Falls under Duty to Employer:

Responsibilities of Supervisors. Members and Candidates must make

reasonable efforts to detect and prevent violations of applicable laws,

rules, regulations, and the Code and Standards by anyone subject to

their supervision or authority.