How do I show soft skills on a resume? (CFOs and corporate finance people)

I get the impression that at the VP Finance/Controller/CFO level, it’s assumed that you have the financial and computer skills to do your job. What’s in question is whether you have the ability to train and inpsire new team members, whether you can collaborate with other department heads, and whether you can represent the company when dealing with investors and auditors.

How would you show communication skills, enthusiasm, attention to detail, leadership qualities in a resume without coming out and saying “I have people skills ******” a la Office Space?

Have your current (or most recent) job dominate your resume, and include examples of projects or tasks.

so for example if your good at training new people talk about how you trained X new hires and they did everything well etc. etc.

Obviously to do this you need to have accomplished these things already, there really is no way to say you will be good at something that you have not actually done.

If you want to show you are good at training people, say you trained people. If you did not actually train people, say something like you provided mentorship over junior employees. People fluff this stuff a lot anyway. If they talked to the CFO once, they say they “represent department in liaising with executives” or something…

Communication skills and attention to detail are easy ones, as they are reflected in how you write your resume.

There’s probably room in your “Skills” section for one unsubstantiated skill, like public speaking or similar.