How do mocks compare to actual?

For those that have passed Level 3, how did the Schweser Mocks compare to the actual exam in regards to difficulty?

How did the CFAI afternoon mocks posted compare in level of difficulty?

Schweser AM mocks are sooooooooo much better than actual/previous CFAI AM mocks.


I’m not sure why there’s so much hate out here on the schweser AM mocks. I’ve done 3 full schweser mocks and done 2009 and 2010 AM papers and I actually don’t think they’re all that much different. We’ll see as I get to the newer ones, but for now, I would do the schweser ones AND the past AM ones.

I’ve done 2006-2013 CFA AM papers so far, and I did my first Schweser exam this weekend. I would say the quality is a bit lower, but not by much.

There was one specfic question on the AM where they allocated 10 points to calculating a weighted average return of a portfolio and a benchmark and determining if the portfolio out or underperformed, which I thought was absurdly generous and biased my score upwards a bit. But other than that it seemed to do a good job of covering the curriculum, and the PM was quite challenging.

I ordered another a Schweser volume online for the heck of it as I seem to be running out of practice material.