How do people study FRA

Have taken 2.5 practice exams - have done well on all sections but FRA. It seems that the smallest details always get me on the FRA section during the Schweser exams (and there are a lot of small details…) . Any advice for studying this seciton?

I go through and do the questons one LOS at a time until I have it down. Definitely my least favorite topic.

FRA is tough, no way around that. However, I filtered in Performance Tracker to look at only practice exams, then looked at the sections and readings I had the most room to improve. From there I focused on specific LOS, et cetera. Coupling that with a generous portion of practice questions helped quite a bit.

I feel your pain, I decided that flash cards was the only way I would grasp all the concepts. I’m not sure if its a little late for that but couldn’t hurt to make quick cards for some ratios and/or concepts (pension plans, completed contract methods, main IFRS/GAAP differences etc…) and just review them during the day, lunch break, heavy traffic, before bed… and then when you get home from work (assuming you’re employed) just do some questions or read up from books on the cards that you struggle to recall during the day.

Thats whats helped me a lot… im talking like 40-50% on 1st mock to around 75-80% avg on FRA on last 2 mocks.

note: made and started flashcards end April some time. so its been 3 weeks You got a week and a half, so its possible to improve enough to feel comfortable.But each to his own, it helped me.

Best of luck man