How do you buy-and-hold a foreign currency?

Is there a good way for conservative investors to buy and hold a currency? So far, I’ve only used foreign currency ETFs and Everbank CDs. I did consider opening an account at a forex trading firm, but they seem to be geared towards speculators. They never mention the possibility of just buying a foreign currency with no leverage and just sitting on it and collecting interest for several years. The hyperactive trading and the insane leverage levels make the hyperactive Dot Con daytraders of 10 years ago look downright conservative by comparison.

Local currency government bonds.

How do I buy foreign Treasury Bills?

Considering possible rate hikes in the future, though, probably better off sticking to short maturities, if at all. Get a broker that gives you access to foreign stock exchanges. Don’t look for the securities under conventional US terms/names. Look for the local equivalents.

DiehardValueInvestor Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How do I buy foreign Treasury Bills? It depends on which countries you’re intererested in.