How do you check if someone is a CFA charterholder?

I have searched this site and also the CFA site but I may missed it. I could not find a “CFA Registry” link. This is a simple registry wherein you key in the name of the person and it will give the current status. For e.g. we have one for a public FINRA Broker/Registered Rep check link to give the complete professional license and employment/regulatory violation history (if any) of any broker or an investment adviser or an investment firm before one commits their funds to this firm or individual’s professional care. Other highly regarded professional certifications, such as PMP, also have public registry check links. I don’t want to be able to call a CFA phoneline or send an email to them to research this basic information. Perhaps, there is a good reason for not providing such a public registry for CFA charterholders?

If you are a charterholder, you can access the database of other charterholders and see if their name is in there. However, if they happen to have the same name as another charterholder, that can mess you up.

All charterholders have member numbers (which tends to be the same as your candidate number). You can ask them to supply this number if you like, then email CFAI to have them validate the name.

Checking charterholder status is relatively easy as bchad says

Unless they changed it, the registry is case sensitive and will also only look for EXACTLY what you type. For example, if you want to check on Rob Smith and he is in the CFAI system as Robert Smith, I don’t believe his name will come up by searching for robert smith or Rob Smith.

You can search for Rob* and it will return Rob or Robert, but other than that it is super sensitive to what you put in.


In the olden days, they used to put out a paper directory of charterholders, but now it is online.

I thought you can just look under the body, like if you want to know if your neighbor’s new dog is a male or female.


Boom. Tick the box that says CFA Charterholders Only.

send the PCP on them!

in the ollden days, there was a paper directory and now it’s online and someone gave the link above

If you can talk to the guy in person, he may have a huge charter on his wall and a small plastic card in his wallet saying he is a charterholder (both of which I suppose you are supposed to return if you cease to be a charterholder)

I know of one guy in particular who has given himself the designation of “Chartered Financial Advisor” which as far as I can tell doesn’t even exist. Is there a way to report something like this to the CFA society for them to follow up on?

You might also want to contact the regulatory authorities (who’s regulating what he does ? SEC ? state attorney general ? ) as they may be interested in an advisor claiming a non-existant qualification

How can I check whether the person who claims to have registered for the exam (so not yet a charterholder) indeed has registered? CFA Institute’s registry only displays the charterholders…

^ I don’t believe you can. You can ask him to provide proof.

You are correct. CFAI will not reveal who has / has-not registered.