How do you disinfect a mattress?

Is there like a spray or something? Thanks.

The Rock said that when he was playing minor league pro football, he didn’t have a bed to sleep on. So he went and pulled a mattress out a dumpster that the hotel didn’t want anymore. He bought two cans of Lysol and went to town on it.

that depends on how you infected it in the first place?

Honest answer: Buy a new one. If you are getting a used mattress from someone you have no idea what type of “fluids” could be in it, or worse yet bedbugs.

But that being said, lysol (or some other spray disinfectant) the crap out of it and then get one of those plastic mattress covers. That will seal everything inside (including fowl odors) and provide a barrier between you and whatever you are trying to disinfect. Doesn’t impact cushioning or feel of the mattress in any way.

set it on fire?

Agreed with the hypo-allergenic mattress cover. Definitely worth the $30-40 price on Amazon.

Better call Bell and have them bring Roscoe.

Skeet skeet skeet?

Just soak it in dettol for 24 hours and then hang it up on the line for a few days.

ohai, aren’t you a BSD? Just buy a new mattress.