How do you explain this gap in your resume?

“Woman Missing For 10 Years Found Living In Internet Cafe”

“Her loved ones believed she had died because she had remained under the radar for a decade”

But this is basically STL or whatsyourgov’s lives already, amiright??

lol, and then the Police fined her $156 I have only had to deal with the Chinese Police once, and it was when a guy hit me on his bicycle, fell down, and scraped his knee. I had to pay him $50 USD for him hitting me. What a joke. He scraped his knee. I normally just would have ridden off as he looked fine and fell like an idiot, but he was wailing so loud, I thought I would stay by him. Of course I realized I stuck out like a sore thumb, especially with my red Trek mountain bike that I flew over from the US. Then, about 30 Chinese people gathered around (almost instantly - no idea where this many people came from). Someone called the cops.

There were 4 Chinese Cops debating with this guy and the people around about a scraped knee. He stood up and started pleading his case with them (I’m thinking, hmm ok this guy can stand?). Also, I just moved to Beijing, so my Chinese was crap. I had no idea what was going on and couldn’t take off at that point. I had to call a translator on the phone and the translator was talking to the cops and said I had to pay money or go to the hospital and court proceedings against this guy. I asked ‘why would I have to go to the hospital - why does this guy have to go to the hospital?’ It was all so confusing. The guy scraped his knee, lolol. He was like a soccer player faking it on the field. Anyway, I was supposed to go to the hospital to wait for the bill/exam or pay the guy. So I gave the dude $50.

this is a funny ass story!!


You cucked!!! Dude…

lol its not that bad. in the philippines, its part of the culture, you have to bribe for everything.