How do you fix the government budget?

They asked in my mba class.
This was my response. Well if you cut Medicare and medical. I’m sure you’ll lower social security pretty soon.
Lol no one got it at first. 5 min later. The gals are like, oh wow… I didn’t like that. Haha

Close tax loopholes at all levels by instituting a flat tax.

Sorry, not sorry, tax nerds.

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Privatize it.

And congress must work for minimum wage - and can only hold global market etfs.

Lol come on bill

Also thank u tho.

If you institute Thanatoriums like in Soylent Green, you get food toooooooo!!! :yum:

Vivek Ramaswamy suggested firing 50% of federal bureaucrats, based on their SSN. Odd SSNs would get the boot

Vivek Ramaswamy vows to fire federal workers based on Social Security numbers: ‘Nothing will break’