How do you get into investment management with MBA/CFA designation?

Hi guys, Need some help. I am an MBA graduating in May from a reputable university in Atlanta, just passed CFA level I in December, want to land a job with investment management firms in Atlanta (mutual fund/hedge fund/private equity…). I am using Doostang and Linkedin to search for jobs. What are the other sources that people are using to enter this business? Is CFA institute website paid service a good start? Also I found local chapter has some job postings. Shoud I use a headhunter? Can someone share their success stories? Also what are the best resources to prepare for an interview? I am amazed to see how responsive and cooperative people are on this forum, thank you all in advance.

try and use a job alert. Indeed is an aggregator and will make you aware of all the postings at all the sites. i get all the right postings using this alert: ("-" means exclude) INVESTMENT (ANALYST or CFA) -PROGRAMMER -(Business Analyst) -entertainment

Thanks a lot. dude.

I love Atlanta Which university? I also live in Atlanta and am studying for the GMAT. I am leaning towards Georgia Tech since it is cheap and reputable.

Emory. Georgia Tech is a really good school, too.

Hey Fellas, I am having a hard time getting a job since I just graduated and have only 1 internship as a programmer to show for work experience. I passed level 1 and am interested in getting in on the sell-side…No one seems to even take a look at my resume since I graduated from UC Davis with a major in Applied Mathematics and Economics…I am taking level 2 in june but i need a job before that! Any help anyone?

With current situation on financial services, sell side is extremely hard to get in, most of the firms freezed their hiring. Where are you located? west coast? try to look at local CFA chapter website events and job postings, networking may be a good way to start. Since you are a math major, I wonder if some quant shops may be interested in you. I am on the same boat, and I found the advice from recent Alumni who joined investment business is extremely valuable. Talk to your alumni , they may be able to help you.