How do you get into investment management with MBA/CFA designation?

Hi guys, Need some help. I am an MBA graduating in May from a reputable university in Atlanta, just passed CFA level I in December, want to land a job with investment management firms in Atlanta (mutual fund/hedge fund/private equity…). I am using Doostang and Linkedin to search for jobs. What are the other sources that people are using to enter this business? Is CFA institute website paid service a good start? Also I found local chapter has some job postings. Shoud I use a headhunter? Can someone share their success stories? Also what are the best resources to prepare for an interview? I am amazed to see how responsive and cooperative people are on this forum, thank you all in advance.

Did you go full-time? If yes, what was your internship? What’s your experience like before B school? What are the job postings like at your school? Private equity is a whole 'nother career/industry from mutual fund/hedge fund…which is it you want? Contact all the alumni you can and use a head hunter… won’t hurt.

Yes, I am a full time student. My background is in traditonal industry ( oil and shipping ) in the supply chain, purchasing field. My intern was with financial service business, from there I developed a strong interest in mutual fund/pension business. The job posting at school is more focused towards corporate finance jobs, I did not see any of mutual fund firms hiring. I know private equity is pretty different. My main interest is with mutual fund / portfolio management. Want to be a PM in the future. I had some personal invetment experience, with several different actively managed portfolio in 401K, IRA, 529, mutual fund stuff. That is why I think I developed a general sense about fund business, although I mainly invest in mutual funds, not stocks or ETF.

Invesco is huge here. Earnest Partners is pretty big. Apply to Suntrust. Cold call mezzanine capital firms around town (there are a couple). As far as I know, mutual fund exposure in ATL isn’t high, but boutique asset management firms ($500mil ~1.2bil AUM) are plenty in town. I’m sort of on the “fund management” side of business in ATL, PM me if you think I’m of any help.

Join the local cfa society and network. I met my current employer there.

So do you go to Emory? Are there any IM clubs at your school? What are the other students aiming for IM doing?

Yes, I am with Emory. There are IM club at my school but not too active. from my discussion with 07 and 06 students who joined local investment managment firms, every one is playing on his own.

Hi Kevin 0118, Thanks for your post, can I have your email address?

What about I banking? Emory has good placement in I banking, right? I think heading straight for IM with your background will be tough. But I banking is a good role and will present some nice exit opps…

Sure…it is AT gmail dot com.