How do you guys job hunt?

Ok so I just graduated from finance and took the CFA level 1 this june…So it seems I am sending my resume online everywhere and gotten only a couple of interview but still nothing…I was wondering is getting online rejected normal or I should look into going to places, showing my face with my Resume and Cover Letter. Thanks

Job-hunting is tough, with a high rejection rate and requires lots of determination. Don’t be off-put by lots of rejections and keep trying.

Networking is still the best way to get a foot in the door (i.e. secure an interview or something similar)

you just graduated from finance and now you are job hunting? what happened to job hunting before you graduate

^ It’s not easy to secure a job before graduation these days, esp in finance. Unlike back in 2000 or 2005-2006 where everyone was getting multiple offers

  1. call your career service at your school and ask for help.

  2. go to local CFA event and talk everyone at the event.

  3. join Linkedin and send emails to people who have jobs you want to have.

  4. ask your friends/family/relatives/neighbors for jobs.

I graduated in 09 (was pretty bad at the time too) with finance degree and got my first job through my customer at the restaurant I worked at. Luckily, he was one of my customers who owned the asset management firm. So, keep looking and don’t give up. Of course, don’t think that you will get an IB job in GS by keep sending out 1000+ resumes. Be realistic - maybe a financial analyst position at a big corporation, big 4, or small PWM.