How Do You Mark Yourself on AM?

The AM guidelines state that they are more than required for full marks… so when you don’t have everthing in their guideline, do you give yourself most of the marks? all of them? half? Are they generous or not at all?

The guidelines are also making me write more just to see if I can hit every point and leave 0 subjectivity to my mark. Is that a good idea for the exam? (Timing has not been an issue for). For example, if it tells me to list 2 factors for X, and I list 3 will I be punished for it? Or will they just mark the first two and if my third one is actually better and full marks while 1 or 2 is not, I’m out of luck?

Generally, it’s hard to get part marks given many of the questions are asking for one direct answer.

You can try to BS and put more to it, but as you know you probably wrote like a whole paragraph for some questions and the model answer guideline had one sentence.

This means you really have to hit the nail to really get the marks and hard marks are hard to come by.

very conservatively

If I have to do this one more time, I will make my own version of Minimum Acceptable Answer for every AM question.:wink: Not for this June, though.

if i know exactly what the question asks for, and I get the answer write, I give myself full mark.

if i kind of know what the question asks for and I am not sure on the answer, I give myself 0 or little credit.

if i dunno the answer and guessed it, even i can get partial marks, i mark myself 0