How do you memorize which is leading indicator? which is lagging and which is conincident?

I find it hard to memorize them… altho some seems obvious they are using past data (lagging) but a lot of them are quite confusing… any tricks or do we need to do a brute force here?

I don’t. Not yet at least. It’s something that’s might be 3 points on the exam. Read them once or twice try think why the might be what they are, (e.g. stock exchange a leading indicator, is obvious because the markets will react to the first bits of information available). Later during review might read over them again. It’s not worth committing to memory.

schweser says not to memorize and I followed …:slight_smile:

If that is on there, it will be like the Balance of Payments questions from L2 last year. Such b/s.

Not many people liked that Balance of Payments set. I think i was able to combine the two questions to get the right answer for both, otherwise, i’m sure i would have messed it up. No doubt, they will throw some more junk questions like that at us this year.

Could you please not mention the Balance of Payments again? Ever?

mwvt9 mcpass Econ = less than 50%