How do you motivate yourself?

Sorry for such a hurting topic - I know that “our golf game is suffering, coffee is a food group, we are the worst date ever and have to time to play anymore” ©, especially these days. However if you are still motivated - how do you do it? What’ s your reason to continue when fed up?

I decided to put all my energy in that during 10 weeks, I’m just doing it. That is somehow stupid, I know. But only 4 days to go…

Whenever I feel like I’m missing out on something fun, I go to the forum and join the discussions. Just check my number of posts to see how much motivation I’ve needed :slight_smile:

I have your posts dominated mcpass. :wink:

Congrats mwvt9, you’re the bigger geek :wink: But seriously, the CFA designation is about sacrifice and dedication. Whenever I think of half a$$ing it, I think just how sweet life will be on June 8th when I feel like I gave it my all. You only get one chance at life. Might as well go big.

ChicagoPMA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Congrats mwvt9, you’re the bigger geek :wink: > Just messing with an old friend. And mcpass is a way bigger geek.

I try to keep perspective and balance. It will be a pain if I don’t pass for sure but I am borderline now and I know I’m building fundamentals so should I not make it this year, I’ll get a stellar grade next year. Also, I don’t push myself beyond my own law of dimishing returns…instead of trying to put in 12 hour study days like most people with this week off I put in about 7-8 and then go play Ultimate; having less time makes me more efficient.

I just calculated the standard deviation of my mock exam results so I’m afraid I have to agree :wink:

Thinking how good it will be to both pass and get a refund from schweser (due to their diabolical website reliability).

To pass the CFA exams you have to be a nerd. To devote 250 hours to a topic is masochistic to be sure, but to want to understand it is the sign of a true geek. Just remember: The geek shall inherit the Earth!

coke and Ferrari’s

id rather not see this in the future