How do you Not know that She's a He?

Were sex change surgeries in Asian that good 20 yrs ago that this guy never knew he was married to a he-she???

“Even during sex, I never noticed anything,” he said…I call B.S.

Disgusting. The person should be sued for misrepresentation.

This is a survival skill, once you think about it…

I saw this story on another site. This is a photo of the married couple before it all hit the fan.

Charge him with rape. Like that Israeli lady who had sex with an Arab who was pretending to be a Jew, and when she found out she slapped him with rape charges.

Santa came early this year…god is great

I didn’t read the article, but frequent Thailand often. These guys are amazing. You can’t tell except for one thing. Their heads are too big. Women have smaller skulls than men. The lady boys can get hip, tit, ass, implants and all kinda surgeries to hide their penises. But they can’t hide the size of their skull.

Definitely BS…he found out his man lover was out there banging other dudes and showed his scorn by publicly exposing his he-she wife. He had to know about the medical history, no way someone could cover that up for 20 years. So now he’s completely humiliated, so to hide his shame he took this approach.

I suspect anybody who visits Thailand…that isn’t the place to go unless you’re a huge fan of Thai boxing…everything else is super suspect…i say we run a background check on Chicken Tikka…

That has to be the worst comb over in history.

Bangkok is an awesome city with phenomenal bar and restaurant scene. Plus there are the full moon parties on the beaches. The beach scene is a frequent destination for Russian and Asian tourists.

I feel like if I were that guy and I were 62, I’d just be like ‘F it, apparently I like dudes’. Doesn’t seem worth rocking the boat for the last 18 years or so. He and his wife are beasts tho.

that picture is disgusting…its sick really…

Not cool posting that picture, not cool at all.

You guys think that story is messed up? Check this out… I read this a while ago and felt like I wanted to vomit. (Article is SFW).

The picture is even worse when combined with the following quote from the article:

“My oldest son saw her sometimes at a nightclub. She began to wear very flashy clothes, those ultra-short skirts or tiny tops, so her abdomen was completely exposed.”

@Ohai, that’s definitely gross!!! I want to throw up in my desk! WTF!!! Thank God, these aren’t Americans!

In most developed country jurisdictions, transexuals are their post-operative gender, so she is a she. This is in part because legal paperwork is done around the same time as the surgery (name changes, etc.).

Why she didn’t tell him about that decision in her life is another story, as is why he found her attractive.

But, most of the time, there is someone for everyone, and it’s also true that no one truly escapes the little resentments that can accumulate over the course of a long relationship or marriage. Our choices are rarely exactly what we want.

Another interesting point is that one’s legal sex depends on one’s legal jurisdiction, as well as whether one has filed appropriate legal paperwork to change things. I believe in Scotland, you are defaulted to male if you have a pecker and female if you don’t, whereas in England, you are male if you have a Y chromasome, and female if you don’t. (it might be the other way around, I forget exactly). This means that some people who are born hemaphroditic (which often happens if you are XXY) and are (most commonly) assigned to be females in Scotland are actually males in England (would that mean they are draftable?).

So if John Bobbitt had lived in Scotland he would have been a guy, briefly a girl, and then a guy again? surprise

bchad, why do you always have to be so technically…its a fat piece of shyt…pardon my french.