How Do you Plan to Time Yourself in the AM Session?

I mean what is your way of timing.

e.g. comparing the minutes you spent on each question then counting how much shortage or surplus of time till end of the three hours.

Fast as possible, with eyes on that giant peice of paper with time remaining written on it

If you dont know it MOVE ON

If you hesitate, MOVE ON

If your trying to think of the answer but don’t quite remember it MOVE ON

If you see question 1 and it’s an IPS question MOVE ON

Whatever you do don’t get stuck on 1 question. You must MOVE ON!

It’s kind of tough to finish everything and if you finish, then the sentences are half complete (which should be ok as long as u r able to convey the message). It is a lengthy paper and subjectivity is giving me a goose bump.

Good ones…I agree not to start with the IPS … And I recommend to start with something in your best area

who else

CFAPASS, to answer your original question, i think the key with the AM session timing is to check your time with each question. i.e., assuming starting with question 1 and it says 22minutes, write 9:22 at the top of your page - when your clock hits 9:20 or so, you need to move on. if your clock says 9:40 and you’re still working, your entire AM session is screwed.

i am a retaker - last yr i struggled with, as Pokhim eludes to above, trying to craft a great answer, and “thinking” about my answer when i was only 50% sure of it. i feel i did a good job of skipping questions i didnt know right away, circling them to come back to later on, but since i was taking longer than allotted with the questions i needed to think about, i never had time to go back to the questions i circled (about 13-14pts left on the table).

Chess clock.

“One-Mississippi, two-Mississippi…”

Very good one…JuniorCk8

Well I guess the best way should be looking at the total minutes assigned to each questions including its parts. If you missed on a part A you should be smart enough to finish Part B on time. I don’t recommend skipping IPS first because usually it has the highest points and skipping it to the last might make things worse.

this might move you on to june 2016