How do you plan your studies?

One of the frustrations i had back when I was studying for CFA was that you have this ginormous stack of books to go through and despite studying wherever/whenever possible it felt like an endless struggle that would only end when the exam was finally done. It just seemed like a miserable way to live, what was frankly the prime of my life, constantly feeling guilty that i wasnt doing enough. I wanted to have a plan and a clearer view of my progress daily and wished that there was an app for it. Fast forward 5/6 years after finishing all three levels of CFA i have finally got round to making the app and hopefully it will help others in the same place to feel more organised and in control of their studies/life. If anyone is up for trying it out for their June exam you can download a (fully functioning) test version of it for free (it will be a paid app once released) and let me know if it’s useful to you and any ideas on how to make it a better product. It’s called Planner Pig which you can google. Thanks for your time.