How do you put the smackdown on pretentious lawyer wannabes?

ancientmtk Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Call ur godfather agree. horsehead in bed shuts them up 95% of the time… if not luca brasi will 100% of the time. get connected.

In all seriousness, I used to handle insurance claims and dealt with many attorneys who thought they were God’s gift to the world and threatened me on a regular basis. First, if she has a claim with your insurance company and you have good coverage why is she even calling you? For example, I have $100,000 in property damage coverage. If I hit someone and caused damage to their car and they settle for $50,000 usually the release they sign releases the insurance company AND YOU of all liability. She can’t come after you for anything else. If the claim happens to go over your coverage limits she could then go after you personally. My guess is, if she was the actual person in the accident, which is what I got from your post, she is in pretty good shape from the accident. If you have decent coverage there should be no need to even talk to her. Second, most people don’t threaten someone, in general, when they have an actual case. The attorney’s that used to threaten me the most on the claims I handled were the ones with fraudulent cases and they were trying to intimidate more money out of us. Hope this helps.

Also, google the lawyer and figure out what type of law they specialize in. One time I got a threatening letter from a lawyer. AFter a quick search I found out the lawyer was a family law/social worker type who worked in a faraway suburb in queens. He must’ve been a friend of the person I screwed over cuz no way would someone in Manhattan hire a lawyer like this to come after me for what I allegedly did.

I’d like to hear more about what you allegedly did, KJH?

I didn’t return a deposit, then I allegedly left a different kind of deposit on her doorstep, burning, in a paper bag.