how do you review while going through material?

Just curious of people’s method’s of how they ‘review’ while going through material. After i read a study session, I do some practice questions from the study sessions I have already covered. As time goes by this leads to either 1) more and more time spent reviewing leading to me getting behind on my schedule, or 2) reviewing less questions from each session as I progress which leads to material more likely to seep from what I remember. This what I ran into into level one, so wanted to see if there is a technique that might be more effective that you guys use. thanks

lol I know what you mean about getting behind while reviewing, i force myself to stop reviewing after I finish the CFAI end of reading qs and just move on to the next reading I review: a)at the end of each study session- all readings and do a q bank test b) every 4-5 study sessions- all readings cumulatively and do q bank tests for each SS

I found that doing the reviews after reading completely useless as I forgot what I did months later, plus many of the questions are not in the format of the exam. What I am trying this time is reading everything first without the review sections. So far I’ve read 14 of the 18 study sessions, so I should be done all of the reading by mid-February. I will then go back and do all of the review sections, all questions, and anything I don’t know well, will write down on an index card - there will be plenty I imagine. This will take me into the end of March. Then spend April til the exam doing 4000 Q-Bank questions and a few online practice exams.

I make notecards of most LOS (formulas, concepts, etc) after every Study Session. Since I can take them anywhere, I review as many as I can in about 30 mins per day. Because they accumulate, the earlier material is reviewed more often so it’s harder to forget and before you know it becomes part of your long-term memory. Obviously it’s hard to review in detail, but recalling material with notecards forces me to remember other things I didn’t have to write. Also I take a day to go back and do practice problems for all study sessions I have studied after every topic (Economics, FSA, Corp. Fin., etc), even if it’s just reviewing the quetions I had already done. Hope this helps

I read the entire CFAI material once, do questions, and read the entire material again. I find reading the material twice the most effective way for me to understand the material.

What I did for LI (and what I intend on doing for LII) was 1.) read the entire cirriculum while completing the end of chapter problem sets and then 2.) start fresh with the Scheweser (insert test prep provider here) material, while doubling back to the actual text where further clarification was necessary; 3.) mixing in practice exams during the final 4-6 weeks

I read the CFAI material, do the questions, then redo the questions until i don’t get them wrong and understand why i got them wrong in the first place. Then I move onto the next reading. When I get some spare time I will go back and write a one page outline of the reading including writing all formulas and important definitions. This helps me to review once I finish the CFAI readings. Once i am 2 study sessions away I usually forget the prior material so the outlines help to refresh my memory.

Last year I didn’t have time to *review* anything until May, when I started reviewing all topics and work with sample exams. I expect it’ll be the same this time around.

wawa, pretty much the same for me. A few review questions here and there but I’ll really start hitting the review questions by the end of April or beginning of May. Generally though, I read a chapter in the CFAI and then flip through Schweser to make notes/flash cards.

Let me revise after my first Schweser class. Dude teaching says it is already too late to read all of the CFAI stuff (although I read practically all of it for level I with about as much time to go). So, I think for the really crazy stuff (like time series which I’m doing now) I’ll read Schweser first and CFAI if I need more help. Does this sound reasonable?