How do you study Behavio Finance?

Those readings (from reading 7 to reading 13) are interesting, but how you master those content, without help of end of chapter problems?

you apply a “catchy” example to each concept and memorize it.

what’s important (from what i can tell) about behaviour finance is taking it one step further than just understanding the bias itself (such as mental accounting). The next step is understanding the signs of say, mental accounting, in a portfolio as well as how that will affect the risk/return of the portfolio. additionally, understand how the bias could effect the formation of the IPS.

One can look at past questions in the morning exam, the topic is tested as a set of statements and we are asked to evaluate them in the light of the behavioural finance theories.

i found the readings interesting…but a little bit dated…i think it was reading 10 where they reference how online trading was really taking off (according to a 1999 study…). this is one example of many where studies were referenced back to the 80’s and in some cases the 70’s. it’s almost 2008 - seems we should get something a bit more updated (though i do understand the concepts are the same no matter what time period)… it’s only dec and i’m already venting…

I also found many articles outdated, not only in that section but also in others.