How do you use QBanks

I will be using Q Bank for the first time . Would like to know How do others use it? I have created a new exam for 120 miutes for SS 18, with 117 quesions , Q#1)- I selected all three - Advanced, Intermediate and Basic, at one go , thus i have one full view of my preparation at one sitting itself.And I will come back on questions i didnt do well, by marking them… or anyone else is doing it in piecemeal (two-four parts) so that one can revise in a phased manner? Q#2- If i want to solve the test by printing, then their are 30 pages in MS Word for 120 questions, so 1 pg = 4 questions ( so for 4000 ques., i need to take 1000 pages print!! Are others doing it in different way? Pls share, as i am not much comfortable on electronic test. How would you circle the questions you guessed while taking test electronically?