how do YOU use schweser questionpro bank ?

how do YOU use schweserpro question bank ? I have decided to do a set of problems after each study session in exam manner (fixed time)

I have read 90% of materials, did concept checkers at the end of each section. Waiting to do ethics right before game time so it’s fresh Now going through ALL shweser Qbank to identify problem areas, probably going to make tests of each section.

I prepare my exam after finishing a book, did one for ethics & quant - will be doing one for econ soon and then another one with ethics, quant, & econ combined.

I go through each LOS on Q-Bank (this is when I make my notes on the flashcards as well) then do the LOS questions related to this (all under the “Curriculum” menu)…then I do the reading tests, then the study session tests…after each study session, I do a 20 question quiz from each study session on that general topic I am working on (i.e. FSA or Economics, etc)…then, once I am done each topic I do a 60 question quiz on all topics…equal weighting to all study sessions I have completed so far… So far, this seems to be working for me - I also do all the concept checkers from the Schweser books and the questions at the end of the CFAI readings…

Read CFA chapter Take notes on CFA chapter Do LOS by LOS review on qbank including questions Do reading questions Do study session questions. Rinse and repeat.